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Preschool Director
Title Preschool Director
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Salary $33K – $35K depending on experience and education.
Job Information

I. General Function: The Preschool Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the preschool to include: learning environment design, supervision of teachers and assistants, curriculum development, licensing compliance, accreditation process management, as well as family and community relationships.

II. Entry Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
• 5+ years of experience in an early childhood education setting
• Prior experience as a Director of a licensed preschool/child care program
• Understanding of CYFD licensing standards.
• Understanding FOCUS Essential Elements of Quality
• Understanding of NAEYC and/or NAC accreditation
• Understanding of Authentic Observation Documentation & Curriculum Planning Process
• Experience with managing budgets and implementing marketing programs
• Excellent leadership and organizational skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office and computers
• Must be physically agile, highly energetic and be able to work both indoors and outdoors
• Previous experience in a 3 star or higher childcare center is a plus

III. Job Segments
• OVERSEES day-to-day operations that meet or exceeds all local health and safety codes, Children’s Choice policies and procedures, CYFD licensing regulations, FOCUS 5-Star Criteria, and NAEYC accreditation standards.
• ENSURES a safe, educational, and caring environment for the children, parents, and staff.
• ENSURES preschool is a model of world-class quality and a living example of the best practices.
• LEADS preschool through the process of advancing through the NM FOCUS criteria and through NAEYC accreditation.
• RECRUITS, HIRES, LEADS, SUPERVISES, and TRAINS to Lead Teachers, and Assistant Preschool Teachers. ESTABLISHES performance goals and objectives, EVALUATES teachers and MONITORS them for progress on individualized professional development plans.
• DEVELOPS academic curriculum, CREATES instructional resources, REVIEWS instructional objectives, EXAMINES learning materials, and personally TEACHES children.
• CREATES and MAINTAINS a positive rapport and collaborative relationships with parents. HOSTS family engagement events…
• CREATES and MAINTAINS a positive and playful culture with staff, children, and families. GREETS children and parents when they arrive. MEETS with parents as needed.
• DEMONSTRATES effective problem-solving methods.
• PROMOTES a positive image of the organization and PLAYS a major role in ensuring the preschool is known for high quality standards and best practices.
• GIVES tours to prospective families and early childhood educators and advocates.
• CREATES and EXECUTES marketing and storytelling efforts (advertising, blog, social media, website updates, special events, open-house visitation days, community involvement) to recruit enrollments and keep preschool operating at capacity.
• MANAGES the finances of the center effectively to eliminate waste and use resources efficiently.
• MAINTAINS records necessary to demonstrate compliance with all regulations, fiscal and human resource management.
• ESTABLISHES strong relationships with community groups, licensing officials, CYFD personnel, NMAEYC leadership.
• MEETS with other administrators, community organization
• TAKES on a leadership role within NMAEYC.

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