Job: Lead Preschool Teacher

Title Lead Preschool Teacher
Categories Teacher
Salary $25K – $30K per year depending on experience and education.
Job Information

I. General Function: The Lead Preschool Teacher is responsible for teaching preschool children: creating and maintaining a clean learning environment, forming and maintaining positive relationships with students, creating and implementing curriculum, documenting individual learning, and communicating student progress with parents and preschool staff.

II. Entry Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood preferred;

• OR an Associate’s Degree in Childhood Development; AND five (5) years’ work experience in a preschool setting;

• OR New Mexico Early Childhood State Certification; Must have obtained the New Mexico Child Development Certificate by completing the following coursework:

• Child Growth, Development and Learning (3 credits)

• Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs (3 credits)

• Family and Community Collaboration (3 credits)

• Health, Safety & Nutrition (2 credits) or Guiding Young Children (3 credits)

• (However if employee substitutes education plus experience, he/she must be obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood or related field within the first two (2) years of employment.)

• Experience leading a preschool classroom and creating educational lesson plans.

• Experience working in a licensed childcare facility.

• Flexibility as to the hours and schedule of work.

• Must be physically agile, highly energetic and be able to work both indoors and outdoors

III. Job Segments
• ADHERES to regular work and activity schedules.
• WEARS appropriate clothing for preschool (decide and state dress code expectations).
• IDENTIFIES safety hazards and immediately CORRECTS them or REPORTS them to supervisor.
• SUPERVISES children at all times and ENSURES the safety and care of every child.

• KNOWS and FOLLOWS health, safety, nutrition, and infection control policies and emergency procedures. KNOWS and APPLIES basic first aid and PREPARES accident reports in cases of accidents and injuries.

• CLEANS and STERILIZES equipment and toys daily. MAINTAINS a neat and orderly preschool environment. PERFORMS an equal share of general housekeeping duties. MAINTAINS and STORES equipment properly.
• COMFORTS children in times of need.

• SHOWS a warm, positive, and playful attitude and disposition. WORKS cooperatively and harmoniously with all staff.

• FOLLOWS and EXCEEDS licensing standards, FOCUS criteria, and Accreditation standards

• MAINTAINS a fun and interactive learning environment that is clean and organized.

• CREATES fun and interactive learning experiences.

• PROVIDES a safe, high quality and age appropriate educational experiences for typical and atypical developing children on a daily basis to include:

• supervision and monitoring of children at all times;

• following a consistent schedule;

• planning for integration of motor, language, social/emotional, cognitive and health and safety activities,

• daily living skills, self-esteem, behavioral skills and using one-to-one and small group experiences and

• MAINTAINS the environment and learning centers to facilitate those experiences.

• DEVELOPS intentional curriculum to develop, strengthen and teach:

• body coordination and strength,

• balance and special awareness,

• fine motor skills,

• listening with understanding,

• phonological awareness,

• interest in books,

• concepts in print,

• numbers and counting,

• shape recognition,

• sorting and classifying,

• making predictions,

• caring for personal and group possessions,

• interest in learning new things, and

• developing independence.

• MAINTAINS portfolios for each child that document the work and projects that demonstrate a progression of learning.

• USES the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines and COMPLETES the NM Quick Look Recording Sheets for authentic observation and documentation of essential indicators at least every six months on every child.

• MENTORS other teachers.

• FORMS strong relationships with families and COMMUNICATES directly with parents about behavior, development observations, and assessments.

• CREATES schedules and newsletters to keep families informed about school curriculum and events.

• CONDUCTS monthly classroom parent meetings to discuss classroom plans, activities, children’s progress and etc.

• Actively PARTICIPATES in developing and furthering personal professional development plan and continuing education. MAINTAINS required level of training hours with required documentation.

• MAINTAINS a professional attitude and loyalty to the program and SUPPORTS the policies and philosophy of Children’s Choice.
• PARTICIPATES in fundraising activities and family events for the preschool.

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